Classical Persian Dancing:

Officially developed and defined in the era of the Qajar dynasty, this dance style was designed for performances in the presence of royalty. Women dressed in charismatic gowns, would perform in a group lead by a main dancer leaving their spectators of high rank mesmerized and enchanted. This style is offered from amateur levels to advanced levels which can also prepare you for live performances.

Modern (Social) Persian Dancing:

Designed to be performed to popular music, this style is comprised of 15 different steps along with 30 unique hand gestures, combined together in harmony to the timbre of the musical piece. This dance type is instructed in a series of 10 sessions.

Traditional (Regional) Persian Dancing:

Also known as “Mahalli” (Local) dancing, this style is more accurately a category of Persian dance styles, each indigenous to a particular region of Iran. Of the many Traditional dances, Kordi, Shomali (Ghasem-Abadi), Bandari and Azari are available for instruction, taught separately, or altogether as a series of 15 sessions.

Wedding “First Dance”:

When it comes to a Wedding night, nothing can better set the tone but a perfect pas de deux of the bride and groom; and what better choice than Waltz – the dance of enchantment – to commemorate a night of beauty. Dancetitude holds Private First Dance Waltz lessons with a choreography based on your preferred performance theme, in tune with one of our recommended musical pieces like the classic “Blue Danube”, or a waltz song of your choice.